Our Story

When A was born, like most parents, our world changed, literally. Our lives started moving at a slower pace. We purposefully slowed down to observe nature and smell the air along with A. We became more aware of our surroundings, environment and home. A mindful and respectful part of us surfaced and we are grateful for who we have become today.

In this pursuit of being one with nature in Singapore, we spent more time outdoors. With this tropical weather and humidity, A would get itchy around the neck as well as at the hand and leg folds. We realised that this was a mild form of ezcema. The itching would usually lead to rigorous scratching which would then lead to skin wounds and eventually, sleepless nights!

Thus, we went on the lookout for comfortable and simple clothing, hoping to ease A’s discomfort. We did manage to find some comfy clothing for our little one and together with some natural remedies, we’ve managed to keep the eczema under control.

This journey led us to this venture. We focused on making the clothing comfortable and natural for all the little ones out there. We sourced for pure organic cotton and made some conscious effort to not have any tags on the inside of the clothes that might irritate a child’s thin and gentle skin. The products are coated with natural oils which add an extra layer of protection against allergens.

We are really serious about providing comfort for our little busy bees to get to work.